Book “Mandalas”

When I arrived to Australia my first impression when I went to a store was that everything was carefully designed. The trendy those days was coloring books for adults, I was amazed with all the options and different books available to buy.
After that I got obsessed with coloring books, but I was not on the budget to get them all, so I bought one on ebay, Chinese edition! I knew that maybe would not be the same quality, but I has to get one to feed my desire of painting. I really enjoy arts and crafts.
My Chinese edition was 1/4 of the size that the ones that I saw in that store, so took me like a week or two to paint every single page. So I needed more, but now I wanted an specific one and I was able to pay for it.
I wanted to paint a mandala, I did a couple of draws of mandalas before, just because I enjoy drawing, but I wanted a nice and printed mandala to paint. I started looking for a mandala coloring book, and I didn’t find it so, I made my own book and I wanted to share it with anyone who might want to have a digital coloring mandalas book.

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