Project “Servipag Innovación”

project overview

Servipag innovación built a formal methodology that systematizes the execution of innovative ideas coming from both its employees and its customers, is the work that Servipag has been developing since December last year, when it decided to create an innovation management.

In the light of this new unit was born an innovation team composed of ten people from different areas of the company, including quality, operations, branch management and commercial division.

In this context they require a new graphic to publicize their new specialized team. They asked for something very colorful and playful, as creativity was the main concept in this new area of working.

I worked in the team that built the whole graphic campaign, I made some pieces like emailing, presentation, prints design in notebooks, pen and mugs. The objective of this merchandise pieces were to help employees to write down their ideas and get some coffee!

This project was developed in a couple of months, after this first range of designs, they continued creating events and activities, and I continue adapting email marketing and posters for them.


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