Project “Unired”

Project overview

Unired was born in 2009 as a self-service module network solution that seeks to provide customers with the best solution when paying their bills, delivering speed, closeness and security in the payment process for their customers.

Unired had initially web layouts, but they needed to work in the information that they really needed to display. I started working on wireframes of the entire process from register to make a payment.

The second step in this project was create a proposal for the public website, before users login. I created the layouts and then made the HTML prototypes including all the public external pages of the website.

In the mean time I started working on the wireframes for the backend of the platform which allow user managing, providers creation and transaction fees management. After wireframes were approved I designed the layouts and following I made the working prototype in HTML+CSS.

Along with all the processes of creation I created as well marketing campaign emails and notification emails that the user will receive when making a payment.

To finalize the process, they needed guides for the users to understand how to make a payment with this brand new platform, so they require video tutorials, which I made recording the platform working in a dev environment locally in my computer. Lately I added layers with explanations and tips of how the platform works.


Wireframes web

Initially the diagrams were different, but the contents were the same.

home public website

Designed to show lots of information, this online payment website is built to help people to organize and pay their bills.


Web account

After login the customer can manage their bills and add more.


When the customer made a payment the receipt is send by email.

Video tutorials

To help customers, I made video tutorials for each process.

Wireframes back office

Back Office

Unired need administer the website and contents internally.

In March 2015 they launch this new transaction account payment portal, which allows our customers to pay from anywhere, with a high standard of security and with different types of payments.

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