Project Proposal “Rent Payment”

Project Overview

Real Estate Pay is a fully branded real estate solution, which gives you the ability to instantly launch your own secure payment gateway and exclusive rewards platform.

With user-friendly features and interactive dashboards you can now view, manage and reconcile rental payments, whilst extending the reach of your brand and rewarding your stakeholders every step of the way.



This project has at least three stages, in which the name of the platform changed including coloring, website and stationery. The first name/brand proposal was Real Estate Cloud, I designed the logo representing a house which also looked like an upload arrow into a cloud, meaning an online platform where all the rentals and tenants are managed by Real Estate Companies.

In this stage I created the user flows, starting from agencies and then going through tenants and later owners. Then I develop the wireframes, separated by stakeholder such as Real Estate Agent, Tenant or Owner. They have different levels of access to this platform. After I made the wireframes, I created a interactive prototype to be able to present to Real Estate Companies.

At this stage I made the public website and email marketing as well as some example app layouts and presentation layouts. Then I created some printed pieces such as business cards and brochure.

In the second stage of the project they changed the name to Pay Rent Rewards, as the platform included a rewards program, giving tenant access to thousand of discounts and gift cards. I proposed a new logotype based in the concept of union of these three terms, I made a fusion between P and R and place them into a square representing a house or building.

At this stage I started designing every single page layout following the wireframes previously created. And as the name changed, the website as well. I proposed a brand new website for Pay Rent Rewards.

In the third step, the change the name again to Real Estate Pay, as they needed to target Real Estate Companies, I remade the logo just changing the writing and main color.


Logotype name 2017

website 2017

presentation slides

app layouts

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View Agency desktop layouts

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Logotype 2016


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Business cards

website 2016

Web App layouts

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View Agency Owner PDF

View Agent PDF

View Dasboards PDF

View Tenant PDF

View Tenant modals PDF



View Owner Wireframes

View Tenant Wireframes

View Tenant Application

View Agency Wireframes


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Presentation diapos


Payment document

Landing page



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