My 20 favorites free design books


I love reading, more when it is about design. I’ve found some really useful guides, handbooks, and books that I think every designer should read.

  1. The Design Funnel
  2. Breaking the Time Barrier
  3. Design’s Iron Fist
  4. The Freelancer Bible
  5. Pixel Perfect Precision
  6. The Actionable Guide to Starting your Design System
  7. Time Management for Creative People
  8. Graphic Design for on-Profit Organizations
  9. Logo Design
  10. The guide to Mockups
  11. The guide to Prototype
  12. The Pocketbook
  13. Typo Tips
  14. UX design for Startups
  15. Color theory in UI Design
  16. Flat Design and Colors
  17. The 23-Point UX Design hecklist
  18. The Building Blocks of Visual Hierarchy
  19. The guide to Wireframing
  20. Building a Brand is like Building a House